Dwyane Wade Surprises Sneakerheads In Miami During Meetup

Ray P

Wade you the man for this!

Real support and love never goes unnoticed. Recently Dwyane Wade’s Way Of Wade Li-Ningsneakers have been getting massive support from sneaker lovers across the web. On March 2nd sneakerheads of Florida who share a love for WOW’s got together for a meetup and received an unexpected surprise. Dwayne Wade crashes the summit to say thank you to the folks who really support his sneakers. Super cool!

This may be the best act of kindness any athlete has done for fellow sneaker lovers. Charity and giveaways are great, but sneakerheads need some love too. After all, these are the people spending hard earned money, sacrificing time, and offering free publicity for brands & athletes by posting them on the internet.

Wade – TSG salute’s you for taking the time out of your day to recognize how an innocent hobby such as sneakers have a greater effect on life by bringing people of all creeds together. One time for @therealshoeicidal1 and Team WOW in Florida!

Wade joins the Team WOW shoe circle in a Red/Wht PE WOW2