Europe Sneakerheads Start 9 Day Campout for Yeezy Boosts

Ray P

solebox yeezy boost campout
Image: @WhereToCop

The thirst is real! Europe Sneakerheads start 9 Day campout for Yeezy Boosts.

Kim Kardashian recently confirmed the most anticpated Yeezy Boost release of the year. On December 19th, the adidas Yeezy 750 Boost Triple Black will hit retailers.

The scene in Europe gets crazy for every Kanye sneaker release. With that in mind, these forward thinking Sneakerheads are taking no chances.

Nine days out, the camp out has begun at Solebox in Germany.

I really hope these guys have paid vacation hours to use up from work. A week and a couple days is a really long time to wait for some sneakers.

Retailers such as Champs Sports are confirmed to receive the Triple Black adidas Yeezy 750 Boost. Get a detailed look at the shoes here.

What's the longest you've ever camped out for a sneaker?