Everyone is Lacing up Blue Knots with Kiel Colon Cancer Foundation In March for a Good Cause

Ray P

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For the month of March, Kiel Colon Cancer Foundation is encouraging everyone to lace up blue knots in their sneakers for a good cause.

Founded by George Kiel III, Editor in Chief at Nicekicks, the Kiel Colon Cancer Foundation's mission is to decrease the number of preventable deaths caused by colon cancer through education and awareness initiatives, encouraging healthy lifestyle choices, and supporting colon cancer research.

Best believe TSG will be supporting this effort and we hope you and the rest of the TSG Fam does, too!

Purchase your Blue Knots from KCC Foundation here

By tying “blue knots” in our shoes – especially during the month of March – we plan to make this small but impactful gesture a universal symbol of public awareness for the disease. It is effortless to engage in the “Blue Knots” initiative because seeing that we wear shoes in every aspect of life – to exercise, to work, to attend school, to business meetings and/or to grab a quick cup of coffee. For this reason, let’s tie together and take the quick moment of integrating blue laces in our shoes as a symbol of our ongoing fight with colon cancer.

Help expand the “Blue Knots” message at a rapid pace by educating others about the meaning behind it. In the same breath, inform them about colon cancer facts.