Ewing 33 Hi "Draft Lottery" Release Date

Ray P

Ewing Athletics 33 Ice Press shot-5

Finally a moment Knicks fans can celebrate. Patrick Ewing recalls the controversial 1985 Draft that landed him in New York City with the release of the latest Ewing 33 Hi.

Rumor has it that the NBA fixed the 1985 draft to help rejuvenate Basketball's biggest market. David Stern supposedly froze an envelope which would help him easily choose the Knicks as the team to acquire the first overall pick. The Knicks envelope was said to be at a colder temperature than the rest. At that time everyone knew Patrick Ewing, fresh out of Georgetown, was going to be drafted number 1.

The Ewing 33 Hi "Draft Lottery" has a set release date on June 5th and will retail for $120. Follow @TheShoeGame on Twitter for on the spot links to purchase on release date.

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