Facebook Sneaker Groups You Need To Join

Ray P

The new school forums.

facebook sneaker groups must join

Let's face it, the days of using sneaker forums as often as back in 2006 is over. This past year, Facebook and it's sneaker groups became prominent as it was the most used social platform by people on a daily basis. Back in July we debuted the 10 Best Facebook Sneaker Groups and since then they have expanded and more have been created.

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Niketalk Facebook group

A key player in our sneaker culture, it's almost blasphemy not to be in this group! If you don't have time to visit the forums to buy, sell, trade sneakers or converse amongst your peers, request to be admitted into the Facebook group. Quality people from all over the world are in this group.

Sneaker Photography

Sneaker Photography Facebook Group

If you are an aspiring or established photographer who enjoys snapping pictures of your kicks, this is the group for you. Many experienced photographers lend advice and constructive criticism to those looking to improve their photography skills. Being the resident photographer here at TSG, you know this is one of my favorites. High quality pictures only, people!

$ne@ker F!end$ United

sfu sneaker group

This is a great sneaker group right here folks. They pride themselves on keeping crazy resale prices out of the group and making sure everyone looks out for each other. Nice to know people aren't all about the dollar you know? However, the group does maintain a stiff hand on quality control, many will request and only few will be accepted. 

WOMFT? International

WOMFT international

WOMFT = What's On My Feet Today; What's different about this group is majority of the members do not live in the United States. For us Americans, it's a breath of fresh air and an insight on what kind of sneaker tastes the rest of the sneaker world has. America is ran by Jordan, but that's not the case for this group. Your runner game better come correct! This is a group with tons of sneaker heat of all sorts of brands.

Reebok Rewind

Reebok Rewind

Yup, a dedicated group strictly for Reebok! This group sets itself apart because it's not just about people buying new Reebok sneakers, these guys have been doing it a long time! Any retro Reebok you see the brand releasing currently, guys in this group are breaking out the OGs stuntin'. Take a break from Jordan/Nike sometimes and see what's good with other brands!

Official Asics / Nike Running / New Balance


For the sneakerheads who are all about runners - this one is for you. The people in here can kick some serious game about runners, and yes, Ronnie Fieg collabs are the Jordan Brand of this group.