Fila Dad Shoes Releasing Soon?


Perhaps the dad shoe wave is just getting started.

Fila Dad Shoes Will Be Available Soon...

I knew the dad shoe wave was a real thing, but I didn't expect so many brands to shoot their shot. At the end of the year it will be interesting to see how many different dad shoes are available in the market.

Maybe we'll have a Dad Shoe Awards at the year of the year to determine which model is the best. I like the sound of that. Yesterday was extremely slow in the sneaker world with blogs posting the same content as well as IG sneaker pages.

Late last night (my time) I came across some new Fila sneakers. However, not just any new sneaker - these models were created to compete in the dad shoe market.

With no debating necessary, one model looks almost identical to the Yeezy 500. Two colorways are previewed in this post, and the other model doesn't resemble any relevant dad shoe models.

But I'm sure if you do a deep dive into adidas, Asics, Nike, Brooks, Saucony archives - you'll probably find a shoe with a similar aesthetic. I would like to say these sneakers should be easier to buy, but Fila is hotter than its ever been in the digital age, so it really depends on how many pairs are produced.

No word on when these shoes will release, but a release should be sooner than later.

@TheShoeGame's social feeds received mixed feelings, but a lot of positive feedback.

How do you feel about these two Fila dad shoes? Is this a must have or possible cop?

Fila Dad Shoes Releasing Soon?

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I haven't been to NYC in a minute so I haven't been to some spots I would check to gauge how well this has not only translated in sales (we know the S is selling) but into actual street culture. To that point, I wonder now as I'm typing this G if saying "trend" is even correct? Are you seeing more people where you're at wearing dad shoes?

I give it until the end of fall 2018. I'm sure Matt Powell over at NPD has hard figures on this "trend", his personal opinion I'd maybe take with a grain of salt if he throws it and no disrespect to him. I like Matt, more so after tweeting with him a bit.

  1. These should be easy to cop for those interested. I don't think a FILA released in the last 10yrs or more that has held any resale value or caused any major panic.

  2. Under normal market conditions and times, which these are NOT, these would sell out as they've used the most popular color blocking from another brand that sit better on these than those non-surprisingly.

  3. If I were working at a brand and we did dad shoes this late into the trend I'd be depressed. Not police need to be called to a bridge depressed just "my future here is hopeless" depressed.

All that said, I'm a HUGE fan of these and hope they do well despite entering the game this late.