Filling Pieces Redesigned the Puma Blaze of Glory


It’s not everyday we see two footwear brands collaborate.

Amsterdam based contemporary footwear brand Filling Pieces and Puma teamed up for a special take on the Blaze of Glory. The name Filling Pieces should ring a bell because TSG has covered several Filling Pieces offerings in the past.

Filling Pieces is best known for their affordable approach on high end fashion footwear. With high end and luxury usually comes top notch quality, and that’s exactly what Filling Pieces is known for.

Puma gave Filling Pieces the opportunity to reinvent the Blaze of Glory. You are currently looking at the final result! The premium woven leather, forefoot strap, and nubuck provides a new look for the Blaze of Glory. There’s also dual branding featured on the tongue.

The global release date for this collab is July 30th.