First Look: Nike Air Tech Challenge 3/4 "OG" 2015 Retro

Ray P

Came back the correct way.

2015 nike air tech challenge 3-4 andre agassi

At the very tail end of 2014, TSG confirmed the retro of the original Nike Air Tech Challenge 3/4. It previously retro'd in 2006, but many people were not satisfied that Andre Agassi's famous tennis ball logo was missing from the back. I'm happy to say the Nike Air Tech Challenge 3/4 will return completely in OG form thanks to Andre Agassi resigning with Nike. These are already available in Vietnam at shops such as Duster Store. Hopefully we'll get a US release date soon!

Are you picking up a pair of Nike Air Tech Challenge 3/4 "OG" retros? Let us know in the comments below.