For $1,000 You Can Bespoke Nike Air Force 1 HI's and Air Max 1's At NikeLab 21Mercer

Ray P

nike air force 1 hi bespoke

If you really love designing sneakers and aren't satisfied with the limited options of NIKEiD, then NikeLab's Bespoke program is definitely for you. By appointment only, you can design select silhouettes from the ground up. Choose from an array of premium quality materials, colors, laser etched logos or different types of laces. You can do anything you want pretty much.

Nike decided to add two legendary models to the Bespoke program recently in the Air Force 1 Hi and the Air Max 1. The ability to customize a nike sneaker to your exact specifications does come with a premium price. The AF1 Hi will cost you $1,000 as well as the Air Max 1's, respectively. You can also Bespoke the Air Force 1 Low for $800.

Courtesy of Mayor, here's a preview some samples of the Bespoke Nike additions below.

Would you shell out a rack to design an AF1 or AM1 the exact way you wanted it? Share your thoughts down below in the comments.

nike air max 1 bespoke-2
nike air max 1 bespoke
air force 1 hi bespoke-1