For The Culture: FUBU and Puma Are Dropping A Collection


This is not a drill.

Daymond John founded FUBU in 1992, but most of us didn’t know about the brand until 97/98.

I remember when I purchased my FUBU 05 jersey in 10th grade. It’s hilarious when I think about how loud and color coordinated I was that day. The jersey was orange with yellow 05. I rocked yellow “swish swish” pants, yellow cap, and orange Sauconys with yellow laces. I know. Way too much matching!

But I was in high school looking to break necks and impress the girls. To this day, I don’t think I’ve ever received so much attention and compliments for an outfit. It was the type of fresh that made you feel awkward because of all the attention. The type of fresh where you had to constantly make sure you were walking “normal.”

Someone PLEASE tell me you can relate. But that was an epic day. Oh, and I should mention that me and two of my boys planned this Outfit Day for a Friday. We all wore 05 FUBU jerseys in different colors. True story and I have the photo somewhere to prove it. lol

Anyhow, fast forward to 2018 and FUBU and Puma partnered for a collaboration. The collection features a Suede and clothing that will hit select stores and January 26

Are you feeling the shoe? Also, feel free to share your favorite FUBU moment in the comments.

FUBU Puma Collection