Franalations Launches SandalBoyz


From online fame to the product game! Franalations launches SandalBoyz.

If you’re a long time TSG reader you should be familiar with the name Franalations. If you enjoy watching sneaker videos on YouTube, you definitely know about Fran.

For those who are still clueless, Franalations became a well known person in the sneaker community due to his insane sneaker collection and YouTube reviews. Not to mention he’s lord over all the Bape and Yeezy collectors.

The Los Angeles native is now in the sandal business. This is actually a proud moment for me to see Fran go from YouTube vids to venturing out and creating a product. Fran is a super chill dude, unless he’s Vegas – forget about it! Lol. If you’ve ever met him I’m sure you agree with me. That said, it’s always great to see the cool guys win.

SandalBoyz was founded by Fran last year. The brand started on Instagram as a sandal community page with the intention of creating a line of sandals one day. That day has finally arrived, and SandalBoyz is launching its Inaugural Collection tomorrow.

The first drop (olive sandal) will be available on and at select retailers tomorrow. Retail is set at $55. Keep your eyes peeled for the pink colorway next.

Also, if you live in the LA area, swing by the launch party tonight. Details below!

Franalations Launches SandalBoyz