Future Unveils His Reebok Sneaker


The reveal.

Future and Reebok are still going strong. It’s worth pointing out because you never can be too sure with these celeb/brand partnerships.

Take Kendrick Lamar and Reebok for example. Kendrick was the face of Reebok for a good minute, and then he was seen performing in Nike Cortez and Vans at Coachella. Weird, right?

I reached out to Reebok, but no one will confirm or deny anything regarding KDot’s standing with Reebok.

That said, you never can be too sure how long these relationships will last. The same can be said about Future and Reebok, but the relationship is still on since Future unveiled his new sneaker.

Future didn’t say much besides the fact that the shoe will see a global launch.

What’s your Real Talk First Thoughts?

Stay tuned for more info.