G-Roc's Top 5 2018 Sneaker Purchases


My top 5 2018 sneakers that I purchased.

2018 was a great year for sneakers. I purchased more sneakers in 2018 than I have in YEARS! I'm so serious. The best part is only one pair I copped was super hyped (shouts to my connects), but everything else was an easy cop.

Hype is the best thing about coppin sneakers nowadays. What exactly do I mean? Most of the Internet cop sneakers for clout which means they only want the most hyped releases, like Off White, Supreme, Fear of God and certain collabs.

This way of consuming makes it 10x easier for a lot of good stuff to go under the radar. Out of the five sneakers featured in the video above, I only needed help with one. The other four were extremely easy to cop.

Keep in mind this is my Top 5, but I copped way more than 5 pairs in 2018. I can't remember the exact number (I'll fact check and share in the comments), but I think I purchased around 13-14 pairs. I know that's light work for a lot of people, but I'm so strategic when it comes to buying sneakers nowadays, so trust me - that's a lot for me.

Gone are the days where I cop sneakers just to cop sneakers. Nah, it's a science to my purchases, and I was shocked how many times I copped a pair last year. The dope part is I rocked every pair immediately! I know that has everything to do with me living in Europe. I walk everywhere and ride the train, so I care more about my fits.

But yeah, this is my Top 5 2018 sneakers purchases. Watch the video above!

Share your Top 5 in the comments, and feel free to ask me about any of these shoes or my other purchases.

G-Roc's Top 5 2018 Sneaker Purchases