Game Error Puma RS-0


Puma is just getting started with the RS-0.

Game Error Puma RS-0

All gamers who grew up in the 80s and 90s can agree that the video game error screen is frustrating, especially we've you been playing the game for several minutes and the screen goes crazy.

It appears Puma was just testing the water with video game SEGA collaboration. Following up from that collection is the Game Error RS-0. The shoe features Game Error text on the insoles and a unique colorway that resembles the error message.

Sneaker Politics really brought the concept to life with these beautiful photos. Well maybe not to life, but the noise in the background adds to the inspiration of this sneaker.

Believe it or not, the Game Error RS-0 is sold out on and Sneaker Politics. If you're interested and see a pair you better grab them because the shoe is a hot item.

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Game Error Puma RS-0

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