Get Your Bots Ready, Air Jordans are Now Sold at Walmart

Ray P

air jordans at walmart

Are you struggling to cop Air Jordans on or from your favorite boutique? Well you can add another retailer to your list to check for retros. We already knew you could virtually buy anything you want from Walmart, but you can now add Air Jordans to the mix. It's LIT!

If you perform a quick search of "air jordan shoes" on, you'll find reduced Air Jordan retros in a few different colors and styles. You can literally have Retros, Tires, Popcorn, and an Ironman mask in your cart at once. That's dope! This may cause some serious outrage in the sneakerhead community, but we're all about them deals here at TSG, so we'll be keeping an eye on Walmart for some steals in the near future. Feel free to share the good news with friends.

By Walmart selling Air Jordans, does it change your perception of the brand? Let us know how you feel in the comments below.

air jordans at walmart