Got Em! How You Ever Purchased Fake Sneakers?


Let’s talk about it.

My mans and King of the Internets, Dallas Penn, is a firm believer that every sneakerhead has copped a pair of fakes at some point in their life. To be clear, his argument is not that people copped knowing they were fakes, but instead they got caught slipping.

That’s fair, and I’m sure it has happened to a lot of people before. Perhaps the seller lied about authenticity or maybe you just didn’t have enough education to determine if the shoe was real or fake.

Once you got the shoes, did you know they were fake off the rip? Did you have to get a legit check? Maybe you rocked them and a friend had to inform you of the bad news.

I’m sure there are more possibilities as to how someone could get got with fakes.

Have you ever been burned with fakes? If so, what’s your story? Were you able to get a refund or did you have to chalk it up as a valuable lesson?