Gravity Defyer Goes Nuts!


Gravity Defyer Ballistic

Things over at the up and coming footwear brand, Gravity Defyer are looking quite fertile judging by their latest line for the season. After sewing their seed in the market for better footwear designed with athletes in mind, we're guessing the logo however was based off a quick sperm of the moment decision. Presentation is everything in business and while as this line may be full of promising technology and performance, its kind of hard for us to semen or women of a younger generation wearing these anytime soon.

If the shoe doesn't subliminally make you think of bearing children, these babies bear a price tag of $130-$140! Is that reasonable for a lesser known brand or just plain nuts? We're guessing the brand applied the most popular tactic of advertising failing product which is in their case - sex "c"ells. Much of this shoe is open for interpretation especially the logo so let us know what you think in the comments section.

Gravity Defyer Footwear