Hanon x Mizuno Sky Medal 'The Angel's Share'


Mizuno went into their archives and pulled out the Sky Medals.

In Hanon‘s 30th anniversary year, a celebratory shoe with Japanese sportswear company Mizuno as they blend both countries love for whisky for take on ‘The Angel’s Share’.

‘The Angel’s Share’ is described as the percentage of alcohol that evaporates from a cask into the air as the whisky ages over time.

For Scotland specifically, the amount that the Angel’s take is around 2% per year due to the colder nature of our climate but the share can also be determined by barrel size, time, and environmental conditions.

Utilizing a distinctive brown corduroy across the upper, offset this with a rich chocolate brown pig suede underlay which the iconic ‘RunBird’ logo which graces the Sky Medal silhouette and symbolizes Mizuno’s roots in Japanese culture and its approach to sports is decked out in vibrant blue cord.

The toe and vamp are treated to a lush light cream pig suede with sunburst perforated detailing, and this material transfers up through to the tongue section of the one-piece sockliner construction.

Source: Hanonshop