Hello Kitty Puma Collection


Hello Kitty Puma Collection has arrived.

What happens when a Hello Kitty Puma collection is created?

The exact same thing that happens anytime a Hello Kitty collaboration is well executed. In other words, the collection is going to be a hit and sell out. That’s just how it goes, and HK fans are dead serious about supporting the brand.

I know this first hand from experience because I used like two women who were huge HK fans. It’s not just a little girl thing, Hello Kitty fans come in all ages. It’s very impressive when I think about it.

Puma is celebrating 50 years of the Suede this year and several collaborations will release throughout 2018. The Hello Kitty Puma collection was created to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Suede.

Puma recently hosted a HK pop up shop in Los Angeles and I was told the sales were through the roof. I wasn’t surprised to hear that info because like I said above, I know what time it is when dealing with HK fans.

The pop up shop gave fans an early shot at buying pieces from the collection, and whether we admit it or not, we would all love to be Team Early with every release.

It’s all good to those who missed out on the LA pop up because the collection officially dropped today on Puma.com, but a lot of pieces went fast. Buuuut online shops like SIX02 and Shoe Palace still have inventory in stock. The items won’t be last long so move quickly.

Hello Kitty Puma Collection