Here's How Many MILLIONS this eBay Reseller Made in One Year

Ray P

sole supremacy 3 million dollars reselling

Seven years ago, Owner of Sole Supremacy - Derek Lew lost his great paying job and got by on bills from selling off his sneaker collection. In this moment Derek realized his sneakers were flipping for nearly double and triple the retail price in which was paid. Eureka! A light bulb went off after the money starting coming in.

so I figured that there was probably a ton of other people out there just like me who needed to sell their shoes for various reasons and I could offer people money to buy their shoes for quick cash and then resell them myself.

Derek Lew's idea took him from a jobless sneakerhead to a full-time reseller who made over $3 Million in 2014 and opened up a full blown store in the span of only 7 years. The most expensive sneaker sold to date has been the Nike Air Mag for $7,000. Talk about a come up right? Hate the game, not the player - read more about Sole Supremacy's rise to becoming the biggest eBay sneaker reseller over on High Snobiety right now.