Here's How The Sneaker Community Will Humble You If You Have an Ego

Ray P

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Beyond sneakers, there's a thriving culture in which people play different types of roles. Some may confuse our culture for a competitive sport because of all the egos.

Often times you come across someone who tries hard to be the "Man" in hopes of receiving a co-sign from whomever they may deem as an important voice in the culture -- sneaker blogs, shop managers, etc.

At times that behavior results in 5 minutes of fame and other times it becomes a royally humbling experience similar to what Meek Mill has been going through.

We've seen people take serious L's before, but none like this sneakerhead whose mouth wrote a check that his pockets couldn't cash.

This Sadderday lasted three months and it all started with a "confirmation" of a Red Air Jordan 11 pack releasing for Christmas:

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If you remember around early December, a fake retail calendar made it's way around the sneaker culture stating Jordan Brand would be releasing Carmelo Anthony's Red Air Jordan 11 in a pack.

TSG did not report such a thing, but other blogs did speculate.

Well known info leaker @BaltSneakerShow refuted the claims of the Air Jordan 11 Pack. Many took his word and others didn't.

One sneakerhead (we'll call @iStay in order to protect his identity) went as far as to claim that Footlocker managers confirmed the retail calendar through him as well as higher ups at Nike.

@iStay was so confident in the release of this Jordan Pack, he bet @BaltSneakerShow $500 they would release no later than January 2016. And if they didn't, he would send a PayPal payment by February 1st per the screenshot below.

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Moments later Nice Kicks confirmed that the Air Jordan 11 pack was NOT going to release:

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Instead of taking a reputable blog's word for it who contacted Jordan Brand, @iStay continued his claims of a release. He then decided to repost a photo of an early pair as proof.

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The sneakers in the reposted photo are clearly fake. And if Jordan Brand was to put out a pack, sneakers surely wouldn't arrive in single black Air Jordan box.

You have to give @iStay credit for being persistent and not backing out of the bet after the Nice Kicks post.

Fast forward a month and here we are February 3rd with no Red Air Jordan 11 Pack to be found. @BaltSneakerShow has yet to receive a PayPal payment as well.

The phrase "people don't forget" isn't just a funny line from the movie Super Bad, it's actually the truth.

For months, the online sneaker community dealt with his lies and excuses about release date changes. They've finally had enough. For the past three days @iStay has been receiving the Meek Mill treatment on Instagram for bailing on his bet and not paying up.

To make matters worse, Lala (Carmelo's wife) took to Snapchat to let the world know her Husband's Red Air Jordan 11s are a 1-of-1.

Major L right there. Perhaps the biggest L in 2016 sneaker culture thus far.

The moral of this story:
It's just sneakers, bruh. No need to bet on release dates, no need to prove you're the man. If you want to confirm news, just start a blog and make it count.

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