Here's What Happens When You Bring Fake Shoes To RIF LA

Ray P

fake lebron 10 ext cork to rif la
Image: @RIF.LA

Buying fake sneakers in 2015 is way too common. It happens so much, sneakerheads have coined the term UA or "unauthorized" to make themselves feel better about blatantly copping fake shoes. Here at TSG we live by one rule, SAY NO TO FAKES! And fortunately shops like RIF LA do to.

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A young man recently brought in a pair of "Cork" Nike LeBron 10 EXT's, which fetch for about $650 on the aftermarket, to the LA based consignment shop and after the intense authentication process RIF LA performs on all shoes, they were found to be fakes. After the devastation set in for the young sneakerhead, he gave RIF LA permission to just toss the sneakers in the basura (which is Spanish for trash). The guys at the shop then wrote their slogan for fakes on the shoes:

Buying fake shoes supports terrorism.

Please guys, do your googles and ask a credible sneakerhead before making online purchases so things like this won't happen.

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