Here's Your Chance To Cop Some Exclusive Kicks For A Good Cause


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That *iconic* TSG logo could be on your own two feet.

Our friends over at Pensole Academy, a footwear design school in Portland, OR, are trying to use our booming business as a way of hooking the young-ins up with some free education.

They have a Kickstarter going right now, called Shoes That #SupportFreeEducation. The basic goal here is for Pensole to raise some bread -- a minimum of $75,000 -- to launch a free design program for high schoolers in 2018. In theory, this program would eventually work as a feeder system into the competitive world of sneaker design.

This whole project is the brainchild of D’Wayne Edwards, a sneaker OG and the founder of Pensole, who has a radical idea that the kids of today should have access to education regardless of financial background.

Alright, alright, alright. Here's where we come in. As a way of incentivizing folks to give to this cause, Pensole has developed a unique idea. Here's the lowdown, via a press release.

PENSOLE’s Kickstarter campaign "Shoes that Support Free Education," seeks to raise a minimum of $75,000, which will be used to produce a limited-edition shoe design by PENSOLE alum Maxwell Lund that is handcrafted in Portugal by Portugal Footwear. The first 2017 backers that pledge $217 to this reward will receive a pair of numbered, premium leather, hand-burnished luxury sneakers in the tier of which they were ordered. As a bonus, partnered sites are now offering custom insoles with the logo of sneakerhead's favorite blogs.

To recap: If you drop some cash toward this movement, you get some fancy, handcrafted joints with TSG's logo on the insole. You want pictures? We got pictures.

To donate: Click Here.

Of course, if you aren't feeling that price tag, the campaign has options to give as little as $10. A donation starting at $20 is where the prizes start, though, and $217 is where you get hooked up with a true TSG exclusive. Once you click that link, you'll see all your options running down the side.

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