Hidden NY H Socks & Sneakers That Are All Over Instagram Explained


The "H" socks you see all over sneaker Instagram. 

By now you have probably seen several sneaker photos on Instagram paired with "h" socks. The lowercase h is inside a circle and the h stands for HIDDEN. Hidden NY is a fashion-focused mood board Instagram account.

The page highlights fashion and music culture from the past, present and future. To make it more simple, the page curates old and present photos of iconic people in fashion and music. Everyone from Nigo to Pharrell to Kanye to Virgil, etc. lands constant features on Hidden NY's page.

Hidden was founded by a British born creative who's currently living out his dreams in New York City. Aside from the popular photos featured, Hidden has quickly made a name for itself thanks to its merch drops. Without a doubt, the most popular and wanted article of clothing is the Hidden "h" socks.

FYI: I published this article for all the curious people wondering about the socks taking over sneaker Instagram.

I'm sure the next question is how or where do you buy Hidden socks?

The socks retail price is $14 per pair (if you're lucky enough to buy a pair). The socks are Made in USA and 98% cotton, 2% lycra. That's pretty much everything you need to know about Hidden's crew socks. Oh, and of course they are sold exclusively on Hidden's online website that's usually locked when product is sold out.

The only other places to buy Hidden socks online is aftermarket platforms like eBay, etc.

Below are a few Hidden socks + sneaker combinations for your viewing pleasure.

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Photos by @arab_lincoln

Photo by @mcflyy

Photo by @jbswoosh