Hilarious Show Me Your Sneaker Collection Confession 7 Years Later


You can never be too sure.

Those of you who have been rockin with TSG for years remember a few things: 1. Show Me Your Sneaker Collection, 2. TSG Community and 3. Khalli Vegas.

If not, it’s all good because I’ll explain. SMYSC is a series I started years ago that allowed people worldwide to film their sneaker collection and showcase it on this blog. TSG Community was a platform where TSG readers could converse with each other, create profiles, upload photos, instant message and even create blogs. It was an amazing community during it’s golden years.

Khalli Vegas is an OG who joined the community and shut it down with his vintage collection. After he literally set the community on fire, I told TSG FAM I was going to film his collection once I learned he lived in the Atlanta area.

I hit Khalli up and he was down with the vision. He gave me his address and I showed up with my camera and documented his collection. Everything went smooth, and 7 years later, people still talk about his collection.

I was checking my personal IG page (@GRocSmith) yesterday and discovered a hilarious story regarding filming KV’s collection.

It’s actually funny to me because when you place yourself in his shoes, you can totally understand his mindset at the time. Too funny! Thank God my intentions were pure. Long live BDG.

Enjoy the story below and share your thoughts. You can also watch his vids below.