Hiroshi Fujiwara On How Easy Copping Sneakers is Today + Hopeful Upcoming Jordan Collabs

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The average sneakerhead in 2015 is down right spoiled and that's a fact. You guys may not enjoy reading that, but it's the reality of the situation. An OG and highly respected designer recently voiced his opinions on the state of buying sneakers recently.

Hiroshi Fujiwara, head of Fragment Design, sat down with GQ yesterday during an in-store appearance at NikeLab 21 Mercer in NYC to discuss a multitude of things including the nature of how hard it is to cop Fragment x Nike collabs and Air Jordan collaborations he'd like to design in the future.

GQ:Your sneakers, especially your recent Air Jordan 1 collaboration, are often hard to get. How do you feel about the limited-edition nature of sneaker releases these days? Is it still as necessary as it once was?
HF: I don't really make sneakers to make them limited. It's up to Nike to determine how much they want to make. And the thing about the Air Jordan 1 is that it's not too small; I think it was a somewhat larger release. Sometimes they're hard to get, but when I was young, it was more difficult to get what I wanted [than it is for kids today]. There was no Internet. If I saw something in a magazine, I had to call them or actually go there. Many young kids complain, "Oh, I won't be able to get this sneaker again." But you can, if you're lucky. There's many shoes out there. I want everyone to have it who wants to have it. But it's hard because so many people buy them just to make money. And I don't like that. And sometimes it's good to work hard to get a sneaker, because otherwise you won't buy it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, same ol' old head talking about the past... wrong! It's more important to count your blessings than complain about what you don't have.

In today's age, thankfully we have multiple credible sneaker blogs breaking exclusives on upcoming sneakers and helping you find out exactly how to cop sneakers as well as countless Twitter and Instagram accounts who spread the information throughout the world. Prior to 2006, this wasn't the case. You had to really spend time going to shops and figure out information without the help of the internet. It does suck to miss out on sneakers you wanted, but at least you had an opportunity to try.

After the popularity of Fragment's Air Jordan 1 collaboration, one can only assume Jordan Brand is going to let Hiroshi's squad continue to rework their silhouettes. Fujiwara speaks on which Air Jordan retros he'd like to design next.

GQ: Do you have any plans of collaborating with Jordan on a new Air Jordan silhouette?

HF:I would love to do the 2 or 3 if I can do it. I like the classic-looking Jordans. The new Jordans, I understand the designs, but I don't think I would wear them as much. I like the vintage-looking shoes. I don't really make shoes that I don't want to wear.

Praise the Lord, we won't be seeing any Fragment Air Jordan 22's ever! If we see an Air Jordan 3 collaboration go down, the internet might explode! Time will only tell.

What are your thoughts on Hiroshi Fujiwara's take on the state on copping sneakers today? Would you rather see a Fragment x Air Jordan 2 or AJ3 collaboration? Share your thoughts, opinions, rants, and disagreements in the comments below.

Source: GQ