Hopefully This Trash Isn't the Under Armour Curry 3

Ray P

under armour curry 3 warriors

We're already a week into April and I can't help to think that these shoes are an April Fool's joke. Is this really the Under Armour Curry 3?

Under Armour has the greatest Basketball player in the world and he'll be forced to wear dumpster juice on his feet, word to Dallas Penn. There's no excuse for Steph's third signature sneaker to be the worst design ever created.

Complex reports this in fact is the Curry 3.

We get a preview of three colorways that will launch the shoe. The USA colorway makes the Curry 3 look kind of decent if you squint your eyes.

If you know me, you know I give props where it's due. So, clearly this isn't hating, it's just honesty. Stay tuned for updates and official word on Stephen Curry's next shoe.

Under Armour Curry 3

under armour curry 3 black
under armour curry 3 usa