How Do You Feel About Sneaker Raffles?


Let’s discuss.

It’s nothing new, the sneaker raffle system for the most part is the way of life when it comes to buying sneakers from retailers nowadays.

We’ve seen several methods for big sneaker releases like Nike’s RSVP system, SNKRS app, scavenger hunts, etc. Oh, let’s not forget about the retailers who make you spend a certain amount of money to get a raffle ticket.

There’s also the retailers who take full advantage of the hype and backdoor inventory. Can you blame them though? They have bills to pay and most customers only show their hypebeast face when Yeezys or hyped Jordans drop. A retailer can not keep the lights on if they depend on that customer.

I get it and I’m not mad. I just think it’s necessary for retailers to take care of those who take care of them. I’m talking about the person who cops GR releases from their local boutique instead of going to the big chain retailer. The person who supports the shop’s in-house line, attends events, brings in new customers, spends time at the shop just talking – retailers should definitely look out for those guys and gals when they can. But that’s not the point of this discussion.

We know it’s very common for big chain retailers and boutiques to release highly sought after sneakers via the lottery aka raffle ticket system. I understand why this method was implemented, but how you do feel about raffles?

Yesterday I went to two stores that told me they ran out of raffle tickets. Now I have to drive back to the stores if I want a shot at being able to BUY the Bred 1s on Saturday. I wasn’t too thrilled to hear I wasted my time going to enter a raffle, only to hear they didn’t have any more tickets. Keep in mind, I’m very wet behind the ears so maybe this happens all the time.

I was just under the impression that retailers are used to this system by now and know exactly what to expect. So hearing them tell me they ran out was weird. Once again, maybe this is normal.

In the future, when I call to ask if they are doing raffles for a specific shoe, I also need to ask do y’all have any raffles tickets? Crazy!

Anyhow, my overall point is to start a discussion with you!

How do you feel about sneaker raffles?

Share your success stories, frustration, or if you even bother entering sneaker raffles.