How Do You Feel About Wearing adidas With Nike And Mixing Brands?


How do you feel about wearing adidas with Nike and mixing brands?

Old school vs New School.

Back in my day (I sound so old) it was a known fact that you NEVER mix brands. If you had on a pair of Nikes you better not have on adidas or Reebok socks… and if you did, the socks better not be visible.

I don’t know who made the rules, but that’s how it was and still is depending on who you ask. If I’m being honest, things have changed a lot since I was young. Everything is different!

I won’t bore you listing all the things that have changed, but what I want to focus on is the rules of fashion. You can call it new rules or no rules, but people are doing their own thing nowadays.

Honestly, I’m not mad at that way of thinking because YOU have to wear it at the end of the day. If someone wants to wear adidas track pants with Jordans, that’s on them.

At one point I was seeing a lot of teens wearing Converse Chucks with Nike socks. It wasn’t just one or two teens – it was a trend with kids. Now I see a lot of kids wearing Ultra Boost with Nike socks.

Of course there are tons of other mixing combos but those are examples I’ve seen the most. I know this discussion comes down to old way of thinking vs new way of thinking but I think it’s a great topic for conversation.

So, how do you feel about mixing athletic or luxury brands together? Are you against it or is this something that doesn’t bother you? Share your thoughts in the comments.

How Do You Feel About Wearing adidas with Nike and Mixing Brands?

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For ordinary people it is not a problem to mix Adidas and Nike. Celebrities are always on paparazzi's radar so as much as possible they follow the rule. As long as I match the right colors in my outfit, mixing Adidas, Nike & Puma is not an issue. I believe this particular rule a marketing ploy by these big shoe companies.