How Foot Locker is Firing Employees Who Resell on Facebook

Ray P

This is the best laugh you’ll get all week, I promise.

Foot Locker is handing out L’s in the most savage way possible.

The new generation’s thirst to be a reseller is very real. Christian, who goes by the name Sneaker Talk, was one of those Foot Locker employees everyone hates.

He’s the guy who cops every Air Jordan on discount, including GS sizes, bribes his co-workers to use their discount and logs onto Facebook to sell them for resell price.

Eventually, karma came back to bite Christian in the ass. Watch the whole story being told in the clip below as the ending is the best part.

How Foot Locker is Firing Employees Who Resell on Facebook

It’s well known that this guy isn’t the only sneaker store employee who has this mentality. If you check Foot Locker’s Twitter mentions on any given hyped release, you’ll see employees being exposed for moving sloppy each and every time.

While the actions by Christian weren’t smart or very calculated at all, the big take away is that Foot Locker is taking action against its employees. This is just one of a dozen employees within the same district who were reprimanded for reselling.

Let’s hope this deters other employees from wanting to make a quick buck at the expense of their job.

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