How Former Lakers Ball Boy Got 1984 PE's From Michael Jordan & Planned To Resell Them Years Later

Ray P

how ballboy got michael jordans nike air ship 1985 autographed

The OG of the jig moves.

Do you remember those Michael Jordan 1984 game-worn and signed Nike Air Ship's that were projected to auction for about $50,000? Well the man who is selling them talks about his his master plan to resell sneakers that took 31 years to accomplish.

Former Lakers Ballboy, Khalid Ali, didn't like Michael Jordan or the Bulls. He wasn't assigned to clean up the Bulls locker room, but he saw an opportunity for a come up and really took advantage of the situation. To be honest it sounds like Ali had a major hypebeast moment, but that moment now might lead to an enormous profit.

Listen to Khalid Ali's full story below on how he was able to get Michael Jordan to give up a pair of game-worn Nike Air Ship's from 1984: