How Many Sneakers Do You Have In Your Collection?


Well? This is probably the most asked question amongst sneaker people.

I actually never had any plans on making this question a discussion topic, but I’ve been down sizing so I thought like Westbrook, “Why not?”

As the story goes, I started this blog when I was 24. Now I’m 34, and I have changed in so many ways that sometimes I don’t even recognize myself. Ha! I kid, I’m still the same ol G, just more mature and a different outlook on this thing called life.

When I was younger, I used to cop new kicks just to cop new kicks. It was the thing to do. If I’m being honest, a lot of this sneaker stuff is sadly fueled by impressing other people you don’t even know in real life. Hopefully the older one gets, the more they realize that’s not what life is all about.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly fine to stunt and get attention. We are all humans and we NEED attention. But years ago sneaker collecting started to turn into exactly that for me – collecting!

At one point I made an effort to wear as many of my shoes as possible. But once I started working full time on TSG I wasn’t really going anywhere. I would sit in the house doing exactly what I’m doing now. Sure, I would leave the house to go to Walmart or grab something to eat.

I’d hit the movies and go on dates, but that wasn’t everyday. The point I’m trying to make, I wasn’t going into an office everyday and I was no longer a student. That actually would’ve helped a great deal because I would’ve had to put together more fits, and of course I would’ve wanted to flex how diverse my shoe game is.

But nah, most of the time I would be writing about sneakers in sweats, pajama pants, or a desert camo Speedo in the comfort of my home.

Over the years I noticed I stopped wearing a lot of my shoes. To this day I still don’t know how many pairs I owned before I started down sizing. Maybe 300+.

Let my mom tell it, I’ve always been a hoarder, and I’ll hold onto to stuff forever. I still have a bunch of baby, kids, personal, and a crap load of random sizes. I call the extra stuff my archive. Ol I wanna be an sneaker historian one day face azz. lol

Fast forward to 2017. After giving away and selling a lot of my shoes, I still have too much! What’s too much though? I can’t answer that, I can only speak for myself. I know plenty of guys who have 1,000+ pairs. I. CAN’T. EVEN. IMAGINE. Perhaps I would feel different if I had a dedicated house just to store sneakers, but I don’t.

I go through my collection sometimes and look at certain shoes like, “I’m never going to wear these.” Sometimes it’s a pair I’ve worn before, and sometimes it’s a shoe I bought years ago that I told myself I’m going to wear one day.

In a perfect world, I would love to get my collection down to 50-60 pairs. I’m not sure that will ever happen. I currently have 150-180 personal pairs. That’s me guessing.

The goal is to keep a cozy and comfortable rotation of everyday and traveling kicks with a nice variety of pairs I can pull out from time to time. It’s tough because the minute you get rid of something you might end up regretting it which is why it’s so hard for me to let go.

With all that being said, how many sneakers do YOU have in your collection? Do you wear majority of the sneakers in your collection? Let talk about it in the comments.

Photo by Charles C. Holt