How The Biggest Sneaker Collaboration Of 2015 (So Far) Came To Fruition

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When two of the most relevant powerhouse brands and influencers come together for a collaboration, it's going to make everyone talk. That's exactly what happened when Ronnie Fieg and Nicky Diamonds announced their partnership by simply posting a photo of a billboard in LA with Diamond written inside of the KITH logo. We haven been trained to look forward to collaborations releasing every week, but these two guys decided to link up and create something bigger than what we usually expect.

Complex recently sat down with both fashion masterminds on the makings of the Diamond x KITH collection footwear and apparel collection. During the in-depth conversation Ronnie and Nicky revealed exactly how this unique partnership came to be. Here's what they said:



How did the collaboration occur?

Ronnie Fieg: We were at Agenda in Las Vegas in Feb. 2013. I had a meeting with ASICS and asked, “What do you guys think if we did something next year with another partner, with a third party?” And they said, “We like that. Let us know what you want to do.” Then I had a meeting with Mike LaPilusa to talk about Stance Socks, but he also represents Diamond Supply Co. He told me to come by the booth, and while we were there I saw Nicky [Diamond]. I had a spontaneous thought—right after I met with ASICS—that this could be special. When I first started collecting Nike SBs, it was a big part of my life. The “Diamonds” were a game-changer—they gave sneaker resellers the ability to hit the thousand-dollar mark. I thought people wanted to see more footwear from [Diamond Supply Co.]. This collaboration was a combination of me wanting to work with Diamond, and me wanting to work with Nicky because he’s one of the godfathers in this game.

Nicky Diamonds: Our Nike did well, and we hadn’t done sneaker collaborations with any other big brands. We only did skate shoes. Ronnie was killing it with ASICS, so when the idea came about to do a sneaker with him, I was like, “Fuck yeah, that’s insane.” I always wanted to make a running sneaker, ASICS are sick, and that’s Ronnie's whole thing, so it was a no-brainer. We let him design the sneakers however he wanted, and then we just approved it and put in our two cents.

Rarely do we ever get to hear how collaborations came to fruition and luckily both guys were willing to share the experience with the rest of us.

Head over to Complex right now and check out the full interview on Ronnie Fieg and Nicky Diamonds right here.

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