How the Word "Hypebeast" Became So Popular

Ray P

how to be a hypebeast 2007

If you use Twitter or Instagram, chances are in the past week or so you've heard the phrase, "what are thooooose?" as a guy points to someone's shoes trying to clown them. While that Vine is funny, it actually references one of the first videos to ever go viral in the sneaker culture in 2007.

Back then Social Media was non-existent so platforms like NikeTalk, ISS Forums, and were places sneakerheads communicated, shared information, and learned about exclusive drops. Sneaker Forums are also where the term "hypebeast" was coined and soon after an iconic video entitled How to be a Hypebeast was created, which helped the world understand exactly who fit that criteria.

I wanted to share the video with you all today because it's an important piece of Sneaker Culture history. Looking back now, the video is so corny but this is exactly how the digital age of the Sneakerhead was started. It also is responsible for the word taking off and transcending into various cultures. You even get a glimpse of a young Nicky Diamonds debuting the "Tiffany" Dunk SB. Enjoy the watch, share this with a fellow sneakerhead. And if you've never seen this video, you are indeed a Hypebeast.