I Finally Tried On A Pair of Salomon Shoes


The go-to footwear brand in Europe for trails and hiking.

Have you heard of Salomon before? I'll be honest, I never heard of Salomon until I moved to Switzerland. I people watch everywhere I go, and I see people wearing Salomon shoes all throughout Switzerland.

Hiking and trails are part of Swiss culture, so it was a no brainer why I see so many people wearing Salomon footwear. I saw a guy wearing a fire colorway when I was on the way to Interlaken a few months ago. It was that day I told myself I had to try a pair on one day.

I finally tried on a pair today, January 31, 2019. As I mentioned in the video above, this brand has crossed over into the fashion world. I saw a few people styling Salomon shoes during Paris Fashion Week. But aside from fashion, Salomon is all about function and not style for majority of its customers.

Salomon's HQ is located in France, so maybe that has a lot to do with its popularity since it's next door to Switzerland. Regardless of who or why, Salomon is extremely popular based off my observations.

I'll breakdown my quick review and honest first thoughts below:


I tried on a trail running model called XA Pro 3D GTX. The shoe fits true to size and snug, but not in a bad way. I felt very safe and secure, especially if I was about to go for a trail run. The lacing system called Quicklace is unique because it's a pull-style setup. That said, you get to determine how tight or loose you want the shoe to be.


To be honest, I didn't expect a lot of bouncy cushioning, and I was absolutely right. The shoe fits firm and I could tell stability would not be an issue. As for comfort, the shoe is comfortable, but it's not a cozy/supreme cushioning shoe.


Keep in mind, this is not a performance review since I only tried the shoe on in-store. However, knowing that this shoe is an all terrain model, I payed closed attention to the outsole and grip. Again, I didn't go for a trail run, but I could tell by walking around the grip is A1. I did the signature stop and go, and I also dragged my feet to test the grip. The traction is official -- I just wish I was able to test outside because that's the real test.

Final Thoughts

I only covered three areas because I didn't use this shoe in its intended space, but I look forward to running in a pair. I'm really curious how this shoe performs because walking is one thing, but running is totally different. I tried to picture myself trail running the entire time I had them on. I'll eventually pull the trigger and buy a pair, but I'm not sure which model I want. I'll continue to try on different models, and I'll follow up once I cop a pair.

Let me know your thoughts on this brand, and let me know if you have any questions.

I Finally Tried On A Pair of Salomon Shoes