Ibn Jasper Debuts Stratica International Broadway Rally Trainer


Another one of Kanye's friends is looking to disrupt the sneaker industry.

Ibn Jasper Debuts Stratica International Broadway Rally Trainer...

Along with Kanye, Virgil, Don C, and Jerry Lorenzo - Ibn Jasper is looking to make some noise in the sneaker industry. Ibn debuted his 8 week old sneaker brand Stratica International on IG.

According to Jasper, the design of his Broadway Rally Trainer only existed in his Adobe Illustrator two months ago. The prototype arrived yesterday and Ibn decided to give the world a first look.

Jasper didn't shy away from acknowledging that "I've still got some work to do, but this is a good start to an idea with no limitations." Salute to Ibn for having the guts to bring this idea to fruition.

That's the only info he provided, so stay tuned for more details.

Now this is where TSG community comes in. What are your thoughts on this new sneaker? Is this a brand/model you can see yourself supporting in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Ibn Jasper Debuts Stratica International Broadway Rally Trainer

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the silhouette is nice, and id be curious about future models, with a little less going on in the overall design (the vulc sole look on the midsole, with a gumsole).. definite sport and high fashion influences, but to me it seems like theres all of those in this one pair.. so im sure future pairs could be a little more timeless design wise.. so far the best of 'team kanye' imo.

as damruff said, id also be curious about the price point.



These aren’t bad. I’d definitely like to see more colorways and the price point. I don’t know if this brand will be that successful though because both Yeezy and Virgil struggle to sell their individual brand footwear but I will admit those looks better than anything they brought to the table in terms of the Yeezy non-Adidas footwear line and the Off-White footwear line.