If You’re A Broke Boy & Still Want Balenciagas For Cheap

Ray P

Not everyone has $600 to spend on one pair of sneakers and not everyone works for their last name.

If this sounds like you then you aren’t a real man and would be classified as a full time broke-boy. Hey listen, it’s not our fault you’re not a real boss, but we’re at least committed to helping you seem like one from a distance.

Peep this small footwear brand by the name of Casa Di Macinare who created $70 knockoff versions of Balenciagas with remastered quality leather. Apply some baby oil all over the shoe and you’ll have that soft shiny look for about $500 cheaper than what your average Instagram flexing influencer would spend.

Honestly, ladies won’t be able to tell the difference if you’re in a club posing for photos with two bottles of Kettle One in your hands. Head over to City Gear at South Lake Mall in Atlanta right now for a pair.