In Ghana, Sneakerheads Get Buried In Sneaker Coffins!

Ray P

In the past we've seen many innovations in the storage game when it comes to sneakers. None quite like this though. The sculpture you're looking at in the shape of a Nike Air Max 95 is actually a coffin. Yes, a sneaker coffin. In America we're used to the traditional style of being buried, but the natives of Ghana are really living that "gotta stay fly til I die" lifestyle that Three 6 Mafia was rapping about.

coffin in the form of a nike sneaker-web

In the Ga region of Ghana, it's typical for the style of the coffin to reflect the characteristics of those who've passed. Mourning is normal at funerals, but the Ga Tribe believes it is a time of celebration as well. In the case of this Nike Air Max 95, it opens just like a normal coffin where the deceased sneakerhead may rest in peace.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm starting a savings just for a sneaker coffin. It might be a Supreme Nike Dunk SB Low "White" if they make me choose a low top.

What sneaker would you choose to be your coffin? Is a sneaker coffin something you would consider at your funeral? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

The Brooklyn Museum is currently hosting the Connect Cultures collection where the "Coffin in the Form of a Nike Sneaker" is on display.

air max 95 sneaker coffin
Image: VirtualMuseum