Inside Armory Social Club Sneaker and Tattoo Shop In Fribourg


Take a look at the new sneaker and tattoo store in Fribourg, Switzerland

People ask me all the time, "where do you live in Switzerland?" I live in a city named Fribourg, and it's about 20 minutes from Bern - a city often referred to as the capital of Switzerland, but there is no official Swiss capital.

Fribourg is a small city on the French side of Switzerland best known for Villars chocolate factory and being a college town. That said, Fribourg isn't a go-to city in Switzerland for tourists, but it's where I live, and I'm always exploring.

A few days ago I was walking home, and I noticed what look like a sneaker wall. It really caught me off guard because this shop isn't located in a heavy foot traffic area and doesn't have good visibility.

But living in Europe I have learned that a lot of businesses don't have the best walk-by visibility, and most times you have to do your research or discover a new shop via word of mouth.

I'm very observant in general, but extremely observant in areas close to where I live. I'm like the unofficial neighborhood watch. Lol! Seriously, I see everything! Well, almost everything.

I said all that to say, I thought I was seeing things when I saw the sneaker wall. The shop was closed when I discovered it, but I went to check it out the following day, and of course I recorded a quick video to give y'all an inside look.

The shop is half sneaker & clothing and half tattoo. A very interesting concept, but it looks and feels natural. Sneakers are sold at aftermarket/resell prices, and the shop also does consignment. The people who run it are friendly and helpful.

If you live in Switzerland or plan on visiting, swing by Armory Social Club, and tell em sent you.

Watch the video above for a look inside the shop.

Inside Armory Social Club Sneaker and Tattoo Shop In Fribourg