Inside Versus ATL Vintage, Sneaker and Streetwear Shop


The go-to shop in Atlanta for vintage and more.

As I continue my ongoing “Inside” coverage, today I take you inside the shop where you can find all-things vintage in Atlanta. However, Versus ATL is NOT just a vintage shop, Versus stocks sneakers and a few new streetwear drops.

The shop is located in East Atlanta and owned by the coolest dudes you’ll ever meet. The shop’s atmosphere provides a rare energy from the moment you walk in.

You‘re immediately greeted and asked if you need help. No too cool to speak vibes and there is always get conversations going on that feel like sneaker talk meets barber shop.

The prices are very reasonable and inventory is always diverse. What more do you want to know? No, seriously? Ask my anything in the comments.

Watch the video above to tour Versus ATL.