Is Jordan Brand Releasing a What The Air Jordan 3?

Ray P

what the air jordan 3
Image: NT

What the F... Is Jordan Brand really thinking about releasing a What The Air Jordan 3?

Just days after TSG confirmed news of an Air Jordan 1 that features all OG colors on one shoe, an image of new 3's pops up.

You're looking at one pair of shoes that wear the Black Cement, White Cement, Fire Red and True Blue colorways in mixed match fashion.

What The Air Jordan 3

I wouldn't put it passed Jordan Brand to do this with the Air Jordan 3, especially when news about the same concept being used on the Air Jordan 1 is true. TSG cannot confirm the validity of this image, so take it as speculation for now. Stay tuned for updates.

Editor's note: Let us pray that this is not real or it's just a test sample. Jordan Brand if you're reading this... delete all this crap from your plans ASAP!