It's LIT! Michael Jordan Crying Meme is Now a Halloween Mask

Ray P

Michael Jordan Crying Face Meme halloween mask

Sneakerheads, it looks like we may have found the most popular Halloween costume of the year. It's Lit!

Michael Jordan is known for being a legend on the court for his basketball skills and on the street for his line of Air Jordan sneakers. It's incredible to think that he's achieved a new found legendary status with today's generation. The year of 2015 marks an era where many kids don't know much about MJ except that he's the go-to crying meme for when you've failed in life that also happens to sell retro sneakers every Saturday.

The good people over at Huffington Post Sports have turned the most popular meme into a halloween mask. Yes, you can print out the Michael Jordan crying face, cut out the eyes, and wear it as a mask. This is all types of dope. Just grab a suit out of your Dad's closet and you're good to go for Halloween. Ha!

Download the hi-res PDF of the Michael Jordan Crying Meme Halloween Mask here.