Jay Z Is Obviously A Fan of Cozy Kicks


This Jigga Knows.

The funny thing is I was just talking to my homegirl, the young OG Bee Dee, and she said to me, “I’m actually surprised I see a lot of people talking about adidas running models nowadays.”

I’ll admit it is crazy to see but like I told her, people are talking about them for a reason. Of course you have some people who just want to fit in and feel accepted. There’s nothing wrong with that – that’s life!

But you have some people like myself who can truly appreciate the amazing comfort and coziness. It’s really that simple. Very few will say Boost is just hype. People who say that are those who are battling with brand loyalty or those who have never spent a day in the Ultra Boost or EQT Support Boost 93/17.

There’s no way in hell you’re going to tell me it’s just hype after spending an entire day in one of the aforementioned models. I spent two weeks in London and Paris while wearing the Core Black Ultra Boost 3.0, and the last thing I was thinking about was my feet. You know why? Because them mothalovas were in a cozy coma.

The funny thing is people swear I get paid by adidas to endorse Boost. HA! I wish. If you’re willing and able, PLEASE make that happen for ya boy. Lord knows I need all the checks I can get. Shawty is ready to get married and start making babies, so yeah, send those checks my way.

With all that being said, Jay Z knows what’s gucci in these streets.

Peep his footwork. Yeah, you see it. But since Jay isn’t pressed for new money, he can afford the nicer things in life, including adidas’ Y3 line.

I actually tried this exact pair on yesterday, and the weird thing is they are more comfortable than the Black/White pair from last year. I wasn’t ready to pull the trigger, so I put them mugs back on display (I always try the display shoe on if it’s my size.)

It’s good to see the Big Homie staying cozy. He’s always been a wise guy.