Jimmy Butler Left adidas For The Same Reason You Would

Ray P

jimmy butler leaves adidas for jordan bradn because of injuries

TSG Fam, can I keep it 100% real with you for a second? As dumb as it sounds, the reality is a lot of people are hestitant to wear adidas Basketball sneakers in fear of risking a serious injury. Nothing is more reassuring of that myth after seeing Derrick Rose struggle throughout his career. Now, Jimmy Butler adds fuel to the fire as he expresses exactly why he left adidas for Jordan Brand in a recent interview with GQ.

Is it true that you took significantly less money to be on Team Jordan? What led to that decision?

I’ve always been a fan of Mike and his game. What he did for the game of basketball as a whole, and what he did off the court for it too, whether it was with Hanes or his shoe brand. But I’ve always been a fan of the tennis shoe. So when I got an opportunity to switch from Adidas to Jordan, I just thought it was the right choice, because I’ve never had problems with my feet. I’m not bashing Adidas at all, but I got turf toe one year and rolled my ankles a few times. That’s never happened, whenever I was at Marquette with Jordan or before that, with Nike. So I thought maybe I should go back to that shoe. And then Jordan picked me up.

Butler went on to detail his mentality during the last year of his adidas contract, "When this year’s over, y’all can count on not seeing me in Adidas. I’m gonna be straight Jordan-ed out.”

Damn! Even Jimmy bought into the conspiracy. So much so that he took a significant pay cut to join Team Jordan. Nike doesn't get nearly as much grief as adidas for their injured basketball players, but it's going to take a miracle for the Three Stripes to get rid of that reputation.

Source: GQ