Joe Haden of the Cleveland Browns is Opening His Own Shoe Store


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Dreams do come true.

Joe Haden is one of the best sneakerheads in professional sports, and next week, he's going to the next level to prove it. The best cornerback in the league just announced that Black Friday, November 28th, will be the grand opening of his shoe store "The Restock."

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Originally called United Sneakers, the shop is relocating from the suburbs to downtown Cleveland. With all of the high-profile athletes in town from The King to Money Manziel, I'm sure this place will be on all of our radars in no time.

If you're sliding through to watch the #1 AFC North team or the overrated Cavaliers play, stop on by. Consignment shops like RIF.LA can have a few catches that you'd never expect. For now, check out some of Joe Haden's best sneaker moments from his Instagram in anticipation of his store opening. Peep those Louboutins!

What are your favorite consignment stores? What's the best deal or shoe you got from one? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: @joehaden23