Jordan Brand Apologizes For Moldy Retros by Issuing Random Restocks

Ray P

jordan logo gold

2015 has been an important proving year for Jordan Brand and they may have suffered the biggest set back in terms of reputation they've ever encountered.

Last year TSG visited Portland to sit down with Jordan Brand and debut the Remastering Initiative. In this plan, Air Jordanretros would be produced up to the same standards as the originals in regards to quality and craftsmanship after listening to years of criticism from the general public. A year later, Jordan Brand showed and proved. You'll hear more sneakerheads complain about price increases, than lack of quality these days. Fast forward to the release of the Air Jordan 1 KO "Bred" in early August and due to quality issues stemming from mold, Jordan Brand was forced to recall every pair from retail. The recall is still in effect for this weekend's releases as pairs of Air Jordan 6 Lows turned up with mold, too.

The path to restoring the feeling of great Air Jordan retros isn't as smooth as Jordan Brand may have initially thought. Luckily for us, mold has been ruining retros that the masses aren't camping out for. Coupled with Nike store not releasing Air Jordans because of bots, imagine if Chicago 1's were cancelled? Hell would have broken loose!

How is Jordan Brand going to fix this moldy mess and do damage control? Easy. RESTOCKS.

TSG can confirm Jordan Brand has been issuing random Air Jordan restocks to retailers all over the country. Shoe Palace just received shipments of the Air Jordan 4 "Teal" and Air Jordan 10 "Chicago." Nike Las Vegas also received the "Sport Blue" Air Jordan 6, "Infrared" Air Jordan 3, and plenty of other retros. You can add Nike Lennox to the list of retailers who had retros in stock out of nowhere as well. Do some calling around your local shops and Nike stores, chances are you'll come up on something.

Coming into the holiday season Jordan Brand needs to get rid of this mold issue or everything they've worked for to rebuild their reputation with the public was for nothing.