Jordan Brand Shares 30 Greatest Moments Of Michael Jordan's Legacy

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When it's all said and done, Michael Jordan will leave a legacy behind that will not be able to be matched by any other human in this lifetime. Jordan Brand celebrates three decades of flight by suming everything up in chronological order and sharing the 30 greatest moments of Michael Jordan's legacy. I suggest you grab something to drink, eliminate any distractions around you, and read this in peace.

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1984 michael jordan signed to nike

1984: Signed

By early September, MJ made his first trip to Beaverton, Oregon to hear Nike's full pitch and plan. After exploring options with several competitors, MJ ended up signing with Nike before the end of the month. Jordan Brand perennial Howard white participated in these early meetings.

1985 michael jordan rookie of the year

1985: Rookie of the Year

Michael Jordan was named rookie of the year and became the only rookie in NBA history to lead a team in four statistics (points, assists, rebounds, and steals) during his first game in the NBA, MJ wore the airship – a simple white shoe with a red swoosh.

1985 birth of a brand air jordan flight 23

1985: The Birth Of A Brand

By 1985, MJ not only made his presence known on the court, also in the hearts and minds of broader culture. The Air Jordan "Wings "logo was the face of MJ's product offering, and the "Flight 23" commercial establish Jordan has a branded phenomenon that has never looked back.

1984 banned air jordan

1984: Banned

Nike debut the original Black/Red Air Jordan 1 on November 17, and the NBA penalized him with a $1000 fine that Nike paid. Phil Knight responded: "pay the damn fine." The NBA commissioner declared that if they were worn again, it would result in a $5000 fine and they Chicago Bulls 4 feet. After that, MJ wore uniform compliant colorways of the air Jordan, and locational he rotated in the Nike Air Ship. On November 27, 1984 the Nike ad "Banned" was filmed while the Chicago Bulls were in San Francisco playing the golden state warriors. It aired later in the season.

1986 the record 63 michael jordan

1986: The Record 63

MJ returned from injury and scored a playoff record high 63 points against the Boston Celtics in game two of the first round of the Eastern conference playoffs. This prompted Larry Bird to say, "I think it's just God disguised as Michael Jordan."

1987 wings take flight michael jordan

1987: Wings Take Flight

The Wings poster made it's debut.

With its faux lizard skin upper, Italian leather, and sleek lines, the air Jordan to introduce luxury to the court. Michael wore his UNC shorts under his uniform every game he played in the pros.

One his first scoring title.

1988 the savior air jordan 3

1988: The Savior

Tinker Hatfield, a former architect, took over air Jordan design duties in grand fashion, working closely with MJ to make the Air Jordan three the first signature shoe to truly represent an athlete's personality. Tinker remembered MJ's initial reaction to the shoe, "at that point, he realized that she was for him. It was a part of who he was at the moment."

1988 the dunk white air jordan 3

1988: The Dunk

MJ won an electrifying NBA All-Star game Slamdunk contest with a foul-line jam that has become the stuff of legend. MJ tapped his right knee, directing photographer Walter looss, Jr. with his hand to signal where the best spot would be to shoot him. MJ made the dunk, landed in Walter's arms, and the rest is history.

1988 the first of 18 michael jordan wheaties

1988: The First Of 18

Michael Jordan appeared on his first Wheaties box, beginning a record run of 18 box appearances that still hasn't been topped.

1988 its gotta be the shoes mars blackmon

1988: It's Gotta be The Shoes

Copywriter Jim Riswold convinced Nike to use comedy for the first time in a campaign featuring unknown filmmaker Spike Lee and his Mars Blackmon character. As Spike observed, "never before in the history of American business has a company put a black individual as the face of the company and what Phil [Knight] did was revolutionary."

1989 innovation takes flight

1989: Innovation Takes Flight

As noted by tinker Hatfield, the Air Jordan for took the franchise to the next level in performance. Improved cushioning, feet, support, and traction. The plastic coated mesh on the air Jordan four was developed to reduce the shoes wait and add a level of never before seen innovation.

1989 the shot michael jordan

1989: The Shot

It was game 5 in the first round of the playoffs and the Cleveland Cavaliers were up by one with three seconds left. That's when MJ hit the incredible 15 foot series winner (known in basketball history as "The Shot") that would set the tone for his pro career. The Chicago Bulls advanced to the Eastern conference finals, defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New York Knicks.

1990 the missing number michael jordan number 12

1990: The Missing Number

On Valentine's Day, before a game in Orlando, MJ's road jersey was stolen from the locker room and he had to play in the number 12. He scored a game high 26 points, but the Chicago Bulls lost. This was MJ's first season playing under coach Phil Jackson.

He earned All-Star, First Team, and All-Defense honors for the season.

1991 the secon title flight air jordan 6

1991: The Second Title Flight

During the 1991 Eastern conference first round, the Chicago Bulls would embarrass the New York Knicks in a three-game sweep in the NBA playoffs. The exclamation point was a legendary dunk from Jordan.

1991 tears of joy michael jordna championship

1991: Tears of Joy

MJ earned his first NBA championship. Game two of the finals feature the spectacular right-to-left-mid-air hand switch against the Los Angeles Lakers. his father was in the locker room when Andy was captured in overwhelm state, hugging the trophy. All the years of hard work finally paid off.

1991 hare jordan

1991: Hare Jordan

Nike's much talked about "Hare Jordan" commercial, featuring Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan teaming up to outsmart some basketball bullies, marked the beginning of a search in TV commercials that mixed live action with animated cartoon characters.

air jordan 1992 the dream team air jordan 7

1992: The Dream Team

During the Olympic Medal Ceremony, MJ faced with the prospect of receiving his gold in a competitor brand's team tracksuit. The solution was to strategically placed an American flag over the logo. Regardless MJ glowed about his experience in Spain, "[Barcelona] was one of the best times of my life."

1993 three's a charm

1993: Three's A Charm

MJ and the Chicago Bulls soared to a third straight championship, cementing their elite status. During the NBA conference championships, lightning struck twice as MJ hit another once-in-a-lifetime series ending buzzer beater against, you guessed it, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

1994: From Wood To Grass

1994 from wood to grass air jordan 9 cleat white sox

Tinker Hatfield said of the Air Jordan nine, "when I was asked which you should go on the statue in Chicago, I chose the AJ9. They showed me a clay model of the polls, and I thought the neatest outsole we had to actually told the story was the 9." When Michael Jordan retired in 1993, he wanted to wear something familiar, so we turned Air Jordan 9 into a baseball shoe.

double nickle air jordan 1995

1995: The Double Nickle

March 28, 1995: in his first game back from his first retirement, and wearing his baseball number 45, Jordan showed that he still had his old touch, going for 55 points on 21 of 37 shooting. But this game would be one on the pass and not a shot. Join second assist of the game set up a dunk in the closing seconds that provided the Chicago Bulls at the winning margin and 113 - 111 victory.

1996 high of highs michael jordan

1996: High of Highs

MJ's career high 69 point game came in a masterpiece overtime win over the Cleveland Cavaliers that also saw him haul in 18 boards. MJ put the feat in perspective during his post game interview, "it was my best game ever, by far, especially because we won." MJ would lean over and pull down his shorts when he needed to catch his breath and eventually asked for them to be made a few inches longer, inadvertently starting a long-short trend that exist to this day.

1996 space jam michael jordan doll

1996: Space Jam

MJ wore a pair of black/white-royal blue Air Jordan 11s in "Space Jam." The film went on to make more than $230 million worldwide, showing how Michael's popularity had transcended basketball.

1997 the failure commercial

1997: The Failure Commercial

One of the most iconic commercials in the brand's history premiered. "Failure" perfectly encapsulated the Jordan ethos, one that sold consumers on the idea that setbacks are unavoidable and success is only achieved through hard work. The "Failure" ad continues to motivate to this day.

1997 poison flu game michael jordan

1997: Poison

In an inspirational and unforgettable performance, MJ – who was barely able to stand at times – scored 38 points, including the game deciding three pointer with 25 seconds left. Most thought he was experiencing flu symptoms, hence the game being coined "The Flu Game." But the truth is, Michael is still suffering from food poisoning he had contracted the night before.

1998 retroactive air jordan

1998: Retroactive

At the dawn of his second retirement, MJ thought the final regular-season game in New York might be his last. He went old school, playing in an original pair of Air Jordan ones and pouring in 42 points in the process. "I was doing some cleaning at home and ran into them. I decided to wear them as a sign of appreciation for all of the respect I have received here."

2004 going deeper air jordan 20

2004: Going Deeper

Tinker Hatfield had asked MJ for weeks about any insight into what key moments he remembered of his career to date, and Michael kept coming up empty. One day, he told Tinker "I'm ready to talk." The memories kept flowing, and inspire tinker and Mark Smith to begin designing symbols that represent all the moments that matter to MJ.

1997-1999 the first team jordans

1997 -1999: The First Team

To form the first team of Jordan Athletes, MJ hand picked a short list of "the best of the best" athletes across multiple sports. This list included Derek Jeter, Ray Allen, Eddie Jones, Michael Finley, Roy Jones Jr., and Randy Moss. This highly selective , focused approached set a precedence for the industry that continues as the benchmark today.

1997 -re2pect derek jeter michael jordan

1997 : RE2PECT

When Derek Jeter was signed as the first non-basketball athlete by the brand, MJ's love for the game of baseball was clear. "The Captain's" legacy as a competitor, leader, and ambassador for the Jordan Brand will live on for generations to come.

1998 how did you know that air jordan 13 black cat nickname

1998: How Did You Know That?

That's the question MJ asked Tinker Hatfield when he first presented the "Black Cat." Turns out it was Michael's nickname when he was a kid. Tinkers original inspiration came while watching MJ play on TV one night in his home. The paw-like outsole design, the cat eyehologram, and the dart-sewn construction with reflective fibers were all innovations that had never been seen before.

2015 the next 30 jordan brand members

2015: The Next 30

The next generation of athletes pick up where Michael left off. These standard bearers are destined for the extraordinary, carrying the spirit of the man and the brand into the next 30 years and beyond.