Kanye Thinks All Of Nike's 2015 Releases Are Wack Including Just Dons

Ray P

Leave it up to Kanye to continue to slander Nike at every opportunity possible. Although it seems as if he's the angry ex-Girlfriend, we're always curious to hear what Kanye has to say about Nike since no one of that caliber ever speaks against the coolest brand in the world.


Recently, Yeezy gave a lecture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he spoke more candidly than ever about his falling out with The Swoosh.

Kanye: I don’t have a NDA that says I can’t say this even though it seems wrong to say out loud—I left Nike because they refused to give me a percentage, they also offered me $4 million a year to stay, which is an unknown thing...

Okay, that's understandable. What's $4 Million to Kanye? Interestingly enough, it did sound like Nike tried to keep West as a collaborator.

Kanye: And I still left them, because they weren’t giving me the opportunity to grow. They were working off an old business model, and Phil Knight was somewhere on an island. And then, Mark Parker would go and find people who I collaborated with years before, and try to do collaborations with them to seem cool, and as you see, Nike hasn’t done like, one cool thing this year.

Hold up! Not one thing Kanye? Your bestfriend Don C dropped two Jordan Brand collabs in the Air Jordan 2 and BHM Air Jordan 1, but Nike hasn't done not one cool thing? We were at least expecting Yeezy to exclude his homie's collabs in that statement. But nope, Kanye has zero chill.

Maybe Ye is speaking out of spite here, maybe not. What do you think? Has Nike really released nothing but trash in 2015? Share your thoughts down below in the comments section

You can read the full Kanye West lecture from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago over on Complex right now.