Kanye Thinks Curry 1's Are Trash? Tries To Recruit Steph To Be A Yeezy Athlete

Ray P

When it comes to Kanye West interviews, he's liable to say anything that's on his mind. And we love 'em for that, pause. Ebro of Hot97 hopped on a phone call with Ye to clear up some stupid Chuck E Cheese rumor and half way through the conversation Kanye West was asked to predict the winner of tonight's NBA Finals game. Here's what was said:

kanye west wants to recruit steph curry to join as yeezy athlete

EBRO:You got he Warriors tonight or you got the Cavs tonight?

KANYE: I'm not taking... I'm from Chicago. I'm good friends with LeBron. Uh... I would like to be really great friends with Steph. I think he would be an awesome Yeezy athlete. I think he needs to get rid of them Under Armour's right quick. I'm sure the world would love to see Steph in some Yeezys.

Kanye West's remarks did three things to me. First, it made me laugh out loud, then it made me wonder, "Is Kanye saying Curry 1's are trash?" And finally, made believe West wants to add a performance section to his Yeezy brand.

If Kanye West eventually designs a true performance shoe, I think athletes around the world would be highly interested. At least for a split second Ball players would entertain signing with adidas over Nike. Who know's? Speculation is fun.

Stick with TSG for further updates on Kanye trying to recruit Steph Curry. Listen to the full interview below. The quote lands at the 4:40 mark.

Source: HOT97