Kanye West Blasts Puma for Giving Kylie Jenner a Million Dollars

Ray P

It's official, Yeezus is the new Twitter Fingers. Hours after reports hit the web, Kanye West blasts Puma for giving Kylie Jenner a million dollar deal.

kanye blasts puma over kylie

Kylie has been instrumental in connecting the younger demographic with the Yeezy Brand. So much so, that Kanye is upset other brands are trying to divide the family.

Two tweets were sent out back to back blasting Puma:

kanye west blasts puma-1
kanye west blasts puma

Well damn! Kanye literally just shut down any and all plans Puma and Kylie may have been working on.

This behavior is normal of Yeezy as of late. He ended 2015 by creating FACTS, a diss record directly aimed at Nike/Jordan Brand.

We'll be sure to continue to update you on the happenings with Puma and Kylie in the future.